International Conference on Obstetrical Nursing, Normal and Abnormal Puerperium ICONNAP on November 01-02, 2022 in San Francisco, United States

Obstetrical nursing
Obstetric and newborn care
Perinatal safety
Perinatal nurse’s role
Newborn assessment
Perinatal nursing care quality
Autonomy and advocacy in perinatal nursing practice
Perinatal development and homeostasis
Perinatal assessment
Role strain of different gender nursing students in obstetrics practice
Obstetrical role strain for male nursing students
Men in obstetrical nursing
Simulation-based practice for obstetrical nursing
Influences of the technology of electronic fetal monitoring on obstetrical nursing
Obstetrical nursing practice
Liability in obstetrical nursing
Anatomy of female pelvis and the fetal skull
Femele pelvic bones
Anatomy of the female external genitalia
Contents of the pelvis cavity
Physiology of the femel reproductive organs
The breast anatomy
Normal pregnancy
Physiological changes of pregnancy
The normal puerperium
Abnormal pregnancy
Abnormal puerperium
Obstetric operations
Forceps delivery
Caesarean section
Destructive operations
Congenital anomalies of the female genital organs
Infection of the female reproductive organs
Fetal health surveillance during labour
Neonatal resuscitation

The event is finished.



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