What You Need to Know About the Prolacta Bioscience Foundation

What, Prolacta Bioscience has a Foundation? Attention all professionals and patient advocates around prematurity: Prolacta Foundation might be your nonprofit’s next stop for funding. Here are some fast facts: Established: 2019 Mission: The Prolacta Bioscience Foundation works to extend Prolacta’s corporate mission into the community by promoting the understanding of human health and development, empowering parents, and nurturing our communities. … Read More

Dear NICU Mom & Dad – An Open Letter from a NICU Nurse

Dear NICU Mom and Dad, I’ve always enjoyed being in the presence of babies. Their newborn smell and sweet innocence instantly instill happiness inside my soul. One of the primary jobs I held throughout nursing school was babysitting. In my fourth semester of nursing school, I took a maternal health class and completed the maternal health clinicals. On one clinical … Read More