Preemie Angels

In remembrance of our children who are no longer here on earth, but always in our hearts.

Skylar Blueford

My world would never the same after losing Skylar. I had to make a decision to be proactive in my healing journey by seeking resources, remedies, spiritual leaders, and role models whom had experienced similar circumstances. I was either going to end it or I was going to live and thrive. I chose to do the work to heal and help others by bringing awareness to the fight NICU and bereaved families face. Always honoring Skylar’s life, permitting her brilliant light to continue to guide me to do good for others.

Latoya Blueford

Jaime Jesus Ramirez

Nothing in the world will compare to the feeling of losing your little one, but the feeling of having an angel to watch over you for life is a blessing. 👼🏽

Jazmin knight


Giorgia was born on the 4th September at 23+6, weighing 625 gr.
Hardly made it through intubation and moved to Cpap on the 14th November.
She had always terrible lungs and developed severe BPD.
Slowly she was weaning from Cpap too, it looked like by this period she would manage to move to High Flows.
Unfortunately she had Pneumonia in the end of January and went back to high Cpap settings.
Then she appeared to have signs of PH during February. On the 1st March was intubated and was given iNO for a week and after for 3 weeks more.
Her lungs slowly killed her heart too.
On the 1st April she had her third heart failure. She looked like she recovered from it too, but on Sunday morning the 2nd April she worsened a lot.
She was brought to my arms from the nurses and had bradycardia after a minute, from which she didn’t make it. The doctors and us were astonished, nobody was expecting her not to make it.
Giorgia was an amazing fighter, playful, who would smile at us everytime she could it to give us hope ad strength.
This world didn’t deserve her.
Now she is protecting us from up there.
Mom and Dad will have her in our hearts forever, and wait for the day we will meet again.

Cristian Perotti


Dear Bryce,

You left us when you were just 9 months old. You left us October 19 2021. You were our miracle baby boy. Your father, big sister and I miss you so much. You made our life so much better with your beautiful smile and laughter. You were so eager to arrive that you were born 3 weeks early right after Christmas. RSV took you too soon. We love you.

Christine Hernandez

Maryam Imelda

Melda was born weighing 700g at 24 weeks and 6 days. She fought hard and left us on her one month birthday.

My dear Baby Girl, please look for me because I’ll always be looking for you. On the highest mountain or in the deepest oceans, just keep looking for me because I’m always looking for you. We all miss you. Love you forever, sayang mama.

Nadia Saiful Rizal

Mason Rhoades

My sweet 13 oz 25 weeker angel,  thanks for watching over your little twin brother. Momma wishes you were here to cause trouble and part of the twin duo. I was so blessed to be able to hold you as you went to heaven.

Amy Rhoades

Ethan Chakraborty

Dear Ethan,

Mommy is sorry that she couldn’t give you the proper environment to grow. Just know that mommy loves you and she will pray to meet you in heaven. Papa is sorry that he couldn’t play with you. Grandma and Grandpa misses you everyday. You are the most beautiful baby. Maybe that’s why God chose you.

Your Mommy

Juthika Mandal


My forever baby, Micah.

Micah Canvasser


OCTOBER 13, 2011- DECEMBER 19, 2018


Warren Edmund Korneffel

You are so loved, and remembered always precious boy, our sweet Warren. Eight days with you was far too short, but we are grateful to have spent that time with you. We know you and your cousin Chase are watching over us. We will see you again in Heaven someday. Love, Mommy,Daddy,Your Twin Brother Kohler and Little Brother Hendrik

Stephanie Korneffel

Acadia Auden Bryn Lewis

You were our long awaited first born baby girl and we were so excited to have you in our lives. We are thankful for the 28 days of memories we had with you even though we wish there were more. You will never know how much we needed and wanted you in our lives. Your life, even though short, impacted so many other’s lives. You made an impact on this world. You fought so hard and deserve to be here.
We will forever miss you.
Love you baby girl ?

Brittany Lewis

Dickling Willingface

You will forever be in my thoughts

Dick Willingface

Jonah Joseph Roush

You’ll just have heaven before we do. ?

Tiffany Roush

Eleanor Smart

“Not all twins walk side by side, some have wings to fly. “

We miss you our sweet Eleanor!!

Carmela Caridad

Always in my heart.

Rosa Severiana

Always in my heart.


Ons liefste Engel Zane (Our dearest Angel Zane)

Jonah Joseph Roush

You’ll just have heaven before we do.

Lucia Buckley

To Lucia, our precious tiny baby daughter and first born child. You are missed and very much loved every single day. We are still so proud of how hard you fought. Til we meet again princess.

Zoe Rose Sorrells

“Heaven” by David Baker
All afternoon the sprinkler ticks and sprays,
ticks and sprays in lazy rounds, trailing
a feather of mist. When I turn it off,
the cicadas keep up their own dry rain,
passing on high from limb to limb.
I don’t know what has shocked me more,
that you are gone, that I am still here,
that there is music after the end.

My green-eyed beauty, 11 years ago we said goodbye. This poem speaks so clearly to what we have lived over those 11 years. The rain was hard, the grief and mourning of your death felt like it would last forever; that the torrents of sadness and loss would never ease.

But, the Lord has “turned for me my mourning into dancing” (Psalm 30:11), there is beautiful music after the rain. Music I had never heard before. Peace I had never felt. There is joy beyond belief and as I remember you on your heavenly birthday I am no longer left with a hole in my heart that I thought would never be filled. Instead, my heart is bursting with love and awe and wonder over the beautiful baby you were and the spirit you always will be.

We love you forever and always.
Mommy, Daddy, Avery & Lily

Keira Sorrells

Evelyn Grace Wagner

We miss you so much baby girl. I would do anything to hold you again and tell you how much I love you. Please continue to watch over Camryn and keep her safe. You three will always be our triplets. ❤️

Caryn Wagner

Morgan Ann Wagner

We miss you and your sister every single day. I would do anything to hold you girls again and make sure you know how much you are loved. Please continue to watch over Camryn and keep her safe. You 3 will always be our triplets. ❤️

Caryn Wagner

Waylon James

We love and miss you every day. We will tell your twin brother of your strength and spunk! I wish you could have lived this life on Earth with us, but we can’t wait to be reunited. Love, Mom

Kashi Hagen

Jaxon Wyatt

We love you Angel.
Rest easy with the Angels sweet baby boy.

Jessica Harnishfeger

Royal Newson

Dear Lord, please look over my sweet baby boy. I realize Royal J. was was ill and was better off in Heaven and not here suffering. Momma loves u RJ and u will always be in my heart.

Warren Edmund Korneffel 

To our precious, brave little warrior-we miss you and love you more than words can express. We are so proud of you. Thank you for watching over us, especially your twin brother Kohler and baby brother Hendrik, until we meet again in Heaven. We carry you every moment in our hearts.

Olivia Llanes

My sweet angel Olivia,
Not a second goes by that I do not think of you..I think about what you would of looked like, how your eyes would of looked, how your laugh and cry would of sounded like. Instead I am met with wonder and silence. Why you were taken from us I will never know . However the time that we spent together was the most precious time that I will always cherish. I long for the day until we meet again. Until then, I will keep you safe in my heart. I love you with all that is left of this broken heart.

Sophia Ann West

We miss you and love you every second of our lives baby girl.

Alani Lashe

To my beautiful babygirl Alani, mommy will always love you. I will always remember you. Although you were stillborn, I always think about the times I felt you moving around in my tummy. I carried you past viability, I ate healthy so you could gain the nutrients you needed, I picked out your crib and carseat, I picked out your name … Mommy wishes that you could have been here on earth with your twin sister but God needed you more.

I know you will always live through your sister and we will never forget you baby!


Julian Everts Nixon II (JU2)

You are the one who holds my heart, the apple of my eye.
I miss you, I love you, you are daily on my mind.
My heart cries out though I bury my feelings deep.
I am smiling, friendly and laughing,
Even though internally I weeping

I long to hold you, to know what your dreams would have been.
I envision your first crawl, and your first grin,
or watching you eat your first cupcake delight
On days when I am alone, I wonder what your first day of school would have been like.
I wish I could take you hiking with me
or teach you how to ride a bike.

You are the one who holds my heart, the apple of my eye.
I miss you, I love you, you are daily on my mind.
I think about the secret moments we shared, you, and I.
I think about you cuddled with me while I was asleep.
I would move so I would not rest on baby,
But baby would move to be near me.

I remember the moments where I would let Luther Vandross play for two,
This house is not a home and you would kick your little feet, so we could stay in tune.
I remember how I craved peanut butter and English peas and would turn up my nose.
But just for you my little buttercup, I could endure even worst flavors than those.

You are the one who holds my heart, the apple of my eye.
I miss you, I love you, you are daily on my mind.
Know where ever you are, my thoughts are not far behind
I believe we meet again, and there will we be, the family that I long for, the family buried within my deep.

I love you and I miss you,

A Mother to her Firstborn Son


Bradley William Fox

My Sweet Baby Boy?, I miss you more with each passing day. You will FOREVER & ALWAYS be my precious angel baby???& FOREVER live in my heart❤️ I Love You So, SO much baby boy? ?Too Beautiful For Earth?

Millie-May Ball

Just Those Few Weeks

For just those few weeks
I had you to myself.
And that seems too short a time
to be changed so profoundly.
In those few weeks,
I came to know you…
and to love you.
You came to trust me with your life.
Oh what a life I had planned for you!
Just those few weeks…
when I lost you,
i lost a lifetime of hopes,
plans, dreams and aspirations.
A slice of my future simply vanished overnight.
Just those few weeks…
It wasn’t enough time to convince others
how special and important you were.
How odd, a truly unique person has recently died
and no one is mourning the passing.
Just a mere few weeks..
And no “normal” person would cry all night
Over a tiny unfinished baby,
or get depressed and withdraw day after endless day.
No one would, so why am I??
You were just those few weeks, my little one.
You darted in and out of my life too quickly.
But it seems that’s all the time you needed
to make my life richer
and to give me a small glimpse of eternity.

Emma Rose Kowalisyn

My Dear Sweet Emma,

I hope you know how cherished and loved you are. I hope you know that not a minute goes by that I don’t think about you. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder what life would be like with you. I wish so much that we could have you here with us, that you we’re growing up alongside your twin brother, and that I could hear you giggle, talk, or even cry in the middle of the night. Every evening that I tuck your brother into bed and say goodnight I wish that I was sharing this with you as well. Every month that goes by I pray that we will never stop feeling your presence with us. I imagine you as you should be, 21 months old with dark brown hair and blue eyes like your brother and Daddy. You would be my cuddle buddy. I would sing you silly songs as you giggled and squealed while I dress you up in frilly dresses and admire just how amazing you are. We would become the best of friends as you grow up, I would protect you, I would guide you, and I would teach you how important it is to be a loving, Christian woman. I would help you to pick out your wedding dress, your Daddy would walk you down the aisle, and just like that you would no longer be our baby girl but a beautiful woman ready to start a family of her own. I know that none of this will happen, but I will always dream of what could have been. What I do know is that when my time comes and I finally get to see you again, I will hold you in my arms and may never let go. To hold you again is what keeps me going every day, but until that time I will cherish the 23 days I had with you here on earth and will always hold you in my heart. I love you so much.

Your Mommy

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