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Please pray for my daughter Veronica who was born at 32 weeks last Tuesday and is facing some or the other problems, may the good Lord shower his choicest blessings on her and she may heal and become healthy and grow and achieve all the developmental stages that she needs to achieve before she comes to me and I get to take her home.

Monica Sequeira


Please pray for my granddaughter Kur born at 27 weeks and 2 months in the NICU. Pray for her health and to be able to feed so that she may grow and achieve her milestones so she can come home to us. Amen

Cindi schott


Dear Lord
I come before you with a humble heart, filled with emotion that only you can understand. Many times I had questioned why me until I learnt that your plans not mine, I have learnt that your plans are to not harm me. Father you are the way, the truth and the light and today I pray for the angel you have blessed us with Oreagile, born 25 weeks and today being day 97 in NICU I am thankful for your mercy and your grace. Thank you for protecting our little warrior at all times. I pray and ask that you continue to give the nurses and doctors in charge of her power, strength, wisdom, intelligence, love and care that they need to take care of her. I pray that you continue to give us her parents faith, patience and perserverence understanding that Your will, will be done in honour of Your promises to us. We thank you for all the developments whether big or small, we thank you for her excellent health! We cannot wait for her to come home but believe that you are always with her. Enter every vein, organ, vessel and bone on her tiny body and fill it with Your Mighty power! Miracles are happening and will continue to happen in Jesus name. Amen! Amen!

Tumi Mataboge


My lord thankyou for everything you’ve done for my baby thankyou for making her progress as much as she has she’s drinking out of a bottle her brain bleeds going away and she’s getting so big my lord please help my babies lungs be strong enough to come home this week with me help her tolerate her own breathing without caffeine my lord protect all the preemie babies in the world to progress and become stronger then they are these little warriors need you in the name of Jesus Christ amen


Arrialenny ariella

Asking for prayers for baby arialeny Born at 25 weeks she started with a liver infection .

Jennifer Ramirez

Evaan and ethan

We have twin babies of 2mnth, my first baby Evaan will have blood transfusion 3 times, please pray that without any reaction/ allergy blood transfusion be completed.. earlier he had reacted to blood transfusion and went to ventilator….these time in the name of Jesus I ask to protect my baby from any kind of attacks / reactions..and do believe the same. My lord my living God will perform his miracle….Amen


Babirye and Nakato

Please help us pray for our twins, for good health and long life, total healing. Born at 30 weeks but facing some challenges .



Please pray for my grandson, He was born at 24 weeks. I pray that God will heal him in all ways. We’ve already lost his twin brother 6 days after birth. He has already been fighting so hard. Please God be with the caregivers as they work to save him! Please God, in Jesus name.

Brenda Craig


Please send all the prayers up for my daughter she was born at 31 weeks and some problems please pray for a speedy recovery and strength for her!  Pray no more bad news said to me and the dad! Because it’s been hard!


Kaitlyn Amaree

My baby was born 23 weeks and 3 days she currently needs a blood transfusion and I’m honestly so scared I just hope my prayers are answered and everything goes well

Wykia dawson

Madden Nabor

Please bless my son Madden, he was born at 23 weeks. He has been in the nicu for 55 days so far but still has a long road ahead of him. Please continue to give him strength to fight to be on earth with us. Please continue to guide all medical staff and give them wisdom needed to care for my boy.

Michelle Nabor


Please pray for my grandson, Matthew, he was born at 26 weeks and is in the NICU for a long stay.

Wendy F Lennard

Cooper Owen Panek

Please pray for my great nephew born two weeks ago at 25 weeks weighing 12 oz. He has developed a bacterial infection and his kidney function is being affected.

Pam Farris Ridington

Hosea and Jacob

Hosea was born at 22 weeks 5 days, and his twin brother Jacob was born at 23 weeks exactly. Please pray for them, they are now 2 weeks into their NICU stay and both have a lot of obstacles to overcome.

Colin Schultz

Mylina Guadalupe Genoveva Garza

My little niece was born at 24 weeks she needs strength

Carmen Garza


Please pray for Mathias born at 32 weeks that his brain bleeding stops and no other complications develop so that he can heal and grow. He’s my first Grandchild born just days from my birthday. Pray for his healing and for my daughter who almost died.

Marilee Bishop

Adam Roman

Praying for our strong little warrior!

Adela Paz

Logan Yah Aries Rodriguez

Please Lord may Surgery on Monday go smoothly and may incision not be infected and his liver not get any worse Amen

Gladys Quinones

Seauna Arayah

Dear God,
Thank for this child I’ve prayed for. Thank you for her life. Please cover her in the blood & wrap your healing arms around her. Please tell the doctors what to do so that she may come home and join her siblings waiting for her. Please allow her nicu stay to be beneficial but brief in her needing. Give us the strength as we love & cherish this life you’ve blessed us with. I love my little girl God and I want her in my arms raising her to be the God fearing living person that I was taught to be. Help me God please. Heal my daughter in Jesus name, Amen.

Melony Adams


Please pray for my little miracle baby, her big sister at age 6 Savannah and for someway, somehow all of us to be together the three of us happy and healthy after a very traumatic birth via emergency c section at 32 weeks due to a severe placenta abruption

Nicole Horne

Matthew David

Please pray for my little 23 +0 battling after having surgery for NEC. His blood pressure keeps dropping and all the medications they can possibly give him are maxing out. Please pray for him to heal and continue to grow.

Madais Pena


My dear Lord 🙏
Please Procter my precious Baby Leonardo give him strength and health. Heavenly Father I believe you are the only one that can cure and heal his lungs and kidneys. I beg you my Lord Amen!



Please pray for my 24 week twin Dior. She just had surgery yesterday and today is back on the vent and requiring 90% oxygen has had to be bagged 3x in the last 24 hours.

Cierra Johnson

Ciera and Aaliyah

Ciera has a stage 4 ivh, she is fighting and needs all the prayers she can get, her twin sister and her are both healing from surgeries, where they successfully connected they’re stomach to they’re bowels, please pray for them.

Samantha Suchan


Please keep my fighter Jaylen in your prayers born at 29 weeks



Pray for my baby Gabriella, 24 week micropreemie born in March 2020. She is in the NICU and working on getting off the intubation and nutrition. Pray for good days in the NICU and her recovery for her to come home healthy and well!

Nathalia Ashworth

Meliyah & Melany

Praying for continued health and wellness for my micro preemie Meliyah who is a former 25 weeker and my late term preemie Melany. Melany is now 3 months and Meliyah is now 6 years old.

Jasmyne R

Lily Rose

Lily was born 2 months early. She’s now 6. She has chronic lung disease and I’m praying her lungs stay strong over the next few months.

Katrina Banks

Easton James

Easton decided this world needed to meet him early at 32 weeks. Prayers and positive thoughts are so appreciated as we learn this new reality and watch Easton grow and learn.

Kassie Specht


I’ll be honest and say that I’m not a very religious person myself. That being said, my Ellie and I would love all the prayers we can get. She is a tough little fighter and my first born. Thank you.

Noel imani

Please pray for Noel

Alfre Williams

I praise god for the

I praise god for the beautiful life we have been given. I thank him for the beautiful mornings we receive, the beautiful sky, done by gods artist splashed in majestic colours and the sun. I thank the lord for Jesus Christs love and, the beautiful relationship we have. I thank god for my friends, home and family. I am so grateful for my work, provision and food the lord provides me with. I am blessed for receiving gods love and I thank him.

Benjamin mansell


Hello. I am writing you in hopes that you can share this story. My cousin Jamie and his girlfriend Krista could use all the help, prayers, and shares possible and I think that with your help, you and other organizations can help this family get through this tough time.

Jamie and Krista’s son Jackson was born prematurely at just 25 weeks. Born June 28th, 2018, and weighing a whopping 1 LB! Being born so early as a micro-preemie has been a struggle to say the least for this little guy. He has had to endure open heart surgeries, a feeding port pit into his belly, a tracheostomy with a ventilator to breathe, countless testing, blood draws, blood transfusions, procedures, medicines, and much much more. We are going on 5 months of being in the hospital. When Jackson does get to come home, he will need at home nurses, and lots of medical equipment and care.

For those who don’t know about Jackson’s Journery please feel free to follow his facebook page!

And if at all possible please visit his go fund me page. If you cannot donate, please send prayers (their little family needs as many people on his side in this tough time!)


Becky, when you were born at 30 weeks I couldn’t imagine you going to school and now here you are in high school. As a preemie, you didn’t have as easy as your fellow classmates and you had to work very hard to get where you are today. You have done amazing and you have blown away every teacher, every principal and more as you show the world your incredible gifts. I pray for you that high school is a place where you are comfortable, you have friends and you thrive intellectually. Know that your father and I stand ready to help you should anyone ever bully you in any way. We love you, Becky.

Praying for: Zaria

Dear God, I pray that you shield and protect, Zaria as she grows and develops in the hospital. Wrap your arms around her and give her strength to thrive so she can come home to her family. Amen.

From: – Parent

Praying for: Noah Seven Dennis

Lord we pray that you continue to provide Noah with strength to defeat obstacles which are being placed before him, with the brain bleed and infection please keep him fighting so that he may become strong and healthy day by day.

From: Vanessa (Nana)

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