Anyone know about

Just found this site for parents to help their kids with special needs do social networking in a safe environment. Is anyone using this site? If so I’d love to hear about your experience on there. Nicole

Food Homework for the Selective Eater

So I am excited to write that the Developmental Nutritionist has us coaxing Becky into trying new food with just a simple phrase: “Food Homework.” That is all it has taken so far as well as the reward of playing Daddy’s “Pocket God” application on the iTouch. We are starting with 3 fruits and 3 vegetables a week that she … Read More

During a blizzard, remembering the NICU during Hurricane Isabel

So as the blizzard roars outside, I am finding myself vividly remembering Hurricane Isabel as it slammed Virginia back in 2003 during Becky’s NICU stay. Talk about the strangest days of my life. In short: – Becky was safely tucked away in the NICU and “kicking back at the beach” as we noted because she was currently under yet another … Read More