Food Homework for the Selective Eater

So I am excited to write that the Developmental Nutritionist has us coaxing Becky into trying new food with just a simple phrase: “Food Homework.” That is all it has taken so far as well as the reward of playing Daddy’s “Pocket God” application on the iTouch. We are starting with 3 fruits and 3 vegetables a week that she has to try out and it appears to be working. Yes, the interest is more on the fruit side, of course! And so far what I imagined to be large grocery bills in the check-out line as my selective and/or picky eater figures out what she likes has not yet come to pass. I am finding my way through this as is Becky. Fingers crossed. I am praying this works and that we can get her out of the White Food Diet rut.

In the meantime, the specially compounded multi-vitamin and the specialty fish oil are getting into her system as well. Thank God! The downside is that these medicines are super expensive and she will be on them for long-term. Ouch!

No, the NICU may be over, but the preemie stuff is not! Agh!