Becky’s EEG and Mom’s NICU Flashback

Becky was at the pediatric Neurologist today getting an EEG done and another type of test done to check for seizure activity. Between both of our sleep-deprivation to prepare for this EEG and our stress getting to the appointment in plenty of time, I have to say that watching my little girl get hooked up to equipment was totally freaky. … Read More

Author Jeff Stimpson’s Books for Preemie Parents and Preemie Professionals

I have met Jeff Stimpson and heard him give a speech at the NANN conference a few years ago. He has two fantastic books that should be on everyone’s book shelf – they are below with reviews so you can learn more. For any parent of a preemie as well as the professionals that work with preemies:

Big Girl Becky!

So last week was the first week of school and I have to say I was one PROUD MAMA as my former preemie Becky handled her first day of full-day Kindergarten extremely well.   Though obviously a little scared by the new situation and the huge school (who wouldn’t be?) she was also kinda excited.  My big girl!!! As the new … Read More