Preemie Study for Parents of Preemies 4 Years or Older

Want to have a chance to speak your mind about your experience having a preemie and how it has affected your life, your marriage and most importantly, your preemie? Here’s your chance to take a confidential survey that will educate others. Your preemie must be 4 years or older in order to participate in this study. Please contact: Deborah Simmons, … Read More

Happy “Dry” Holidays and Cough, Cough, Cough!

Indeed, Very Happy Holidays! I am writing this blog entry while at my in-laws as we help them celebrate the Christmas holiday. My in-laws have been super understanding about the fact that we are currently status quo with Becky and eating issues until we meet with the Developmental Nutritionist. They made her special pasta for the holiday dinner and everything. … Read More

Prayers for the Duggar Preemie

Though I have not watched an episode of the Duggar Family reality TV show, I have seen their website over the years as each baby was born and more. With the latest news of Mrs. Duggar giving birth to a 1 lb. 6 oz preemie I found myself first focusing on Mom and baby and hoping that the NICU roller … Read More