Prayers for the Duggar Preemie

Though I have not watched an episode of the Duggar Family reality TV show, I have seen their website over the years as each baby was born and more. With the latest news of Mrs. Duggar giving birth to a 1 lb. 6 oz preemie I found myself first focusing on Mom and baby and hoping that the NICU roller coaster is as smooth as can be for a baby that tiny. I have already heard all sorts of comments about calls for them stopping having babies and such. The reality is that no one goes into pregnancy thinking “I want to have a preemie.” This is not a club you willingly join. It is one that you literally get shoved into beyond your control. It is terrifying, heart wrenching and not something I would wish on my worst enemy. I am hopeful that all preemie parents out there will give this family the love and support they need right now despite potential preconceived ideas about this family’s theories on childbearing. There is a baby’s life at stake and that should be the only focus right now. Any other discussion is purely a distraction.

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