Becky’s EEG and Mom’s NICU Flashback

Becky was at the pediatric Neurologist today getting an EEG done and another type of test done to check for seizure activity. Between both of our sleep-deprivation to prepare for this EEG and our stress getting to the appointment in plenty of time, I have to say that watching my little girl get hooked up to equipment was totally freaky. And as they did the flashes of light for a seizure test, I found myself having NICU Flashbacks. It was as if my six year old was less than a month old and in the incubator with alarms going off. Scary! Thankfully though, she got through it and I kept from losing it! I wonder how many other mothers of preemies have had these types of flashbacks during such tests.

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  1. I imagine very, very many Deb. Perhaps they end up sending a father or aunt or friend in with their child.

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