Big Girl Becky!

Becky on her first day at school

So last week was the first week of school and I have to say I was one PROUD MAMA as my former preemie Becky handled her first day of full-day Kindergarten extremely well.   Though obviously a little scared by the new situation and the huge school (who wouldn’t be?) she was also kinda excited.  My big girl!!!

As the new year starts ups so does the re-write of Becky’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan) for fine-motor help and some math work).  The team at the school has been amazing and I am just so grateful.  As we approach the re-evaluation in November, they noted that I should move ahead to get Becky’s EEG ( scheduled to check for ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).  If she does have ADD they will want to implement services at the time of the next IEP being put in place.  If not, then she will likely be dropped from Special Education because her delays are not longer within the percentile required.  And apparently re-instating services later is a real bear and requires all sorts of documentation.

I would be most interested in hearing from anyone that had a child go through an EEG.  How do you tell a child that is wiggly to sit still for a long period of time?  That just seems so odd!