Selective Eater Wins Again

So yesterday Becky was watching something on the PBS Kids’ website and suddenly announced that she would love to try plums and broccoli one day. Gregg and I were floored and Gregg decided that though plums were in season, he could go get some broccoli and cheese right then and there. After a quick trip to the store and popping … Read More

Nicholas SPEAKS

This is one of those spine tingling moments that I wouldn’t have actually believed if Nicholas’ nurse Dan-Dan and his oldest sister Daisha hadn’t been standing right there watching it happen with me!  We we’re yattering on and on about home refinancing for like 20 minutes and suddenly we realized on the floor in pristine order was HOME from Nicholas’ … Read More

School Daze

Nicholas had his first day of school last week – well, that is, after all the fires in La Canada settled down!  The schools kept pushing out the “first day” due to all the smoke fall-out.  Nicholas’s nurses were very kind and kept him off-site – away from the area while the smoke cleared out.   Oh…But that first day of … Read More