School Daze

Nicholas had his first day of school last week – well, that is, after all the fires in La Canada settled down!  The schools kept pushing out the “first day” due to all the smoke fall-out.  Nicholas’s nurses were very kind and kept him off-site – away from the area while the smoke cleared out.   Oh…But that first day of school, even, when it’s his 4th time around, I still get all misty-eyed.  There he is, sitting in his little plaid rolled up shirt (ala the 50’s) all cleaned up and eager.  He sat down in his little wooden chair and sang the “Good Morning” song and I just turn to mush!  Here’s the thing.  If I put him in all special needs school, Nicholas would be one of the higher functioning kids, and in this class-room he probably falls at the end of that range.  But I will do anything and everything I can to make “integration” a reality.  It’s because he was integrated last year, as well as having his Springboard Speaking Device, that Nicholas has finally learned to communicate purposefully.  I have great hopes for his school year!  He’s in first grade and I am one proud Mama!

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  1. I’m so happy to hear that he’s doing so well. I’m still cheering for you Nicholas!

  2. I have been following your story and I am in awe of the way you followed Nicholas during his early years. My son Zachary was born weighing one pound, at 26 weeks gestation. Of course he lost weight before he ever gained any. I feel so fortunate that he has made it to adulthood, is now 22 years old and has beaten all the odds. All of them. I just want you to know that the joy outweighs the strife and you are so blessed to have Nicholas in your life. I remember those long days in the NICU, the level one, the level two and those emergency room visits I had to bear alone with little or no support outside of medical professionals and with three other small children at home left with a nanny. I would not trade a moment of Zack’s life for for anything. There is only one option when one is the parent of a preemie or special needs child. There is no leaving, only staying. There is no thinking twice about overcoming every obstacle, just doing. There is only hope in the face of despair and such wretched adversity. There is more love in that tiny body that just grows larger minute by minute. There is no blame only gratitude. When you look back at your miracle child, like Zack, who probably met his million dollar life time insurance cap before he was one, at all the struggles, and wonder how you made it through, just look at your son and wait for your heart to melt and know you have the most precious gift in the universe, not everyone can say that. He is so beautiful, from every aspect. I applaud you! In fact, the ovation continues!

  3. I am so glad your son is still alive and doing well. I am also deeply saddened and troubled by your divorce. I dont understand how someone can be so cold and simply “divorce” their child. She does not see him as part her too? I dont get it and it makes me sad. I know I am a stranger, and I have no personal insights into your relationship or any of its complex details but I just cant immagine being that way about a little child that you have been part of since the begining of his life. I also dont really understand the slight sense of detachment I get from reading your blog about the way you feel towards your daughter. I may be way off base but it seems you love your son more than your daughter. I am sorry and I dont mean to offend you but I got that sense a bit when I was watching your movie too. None the less I am glad your son is still surviving and growing.

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