Nicholas SPEAKS

This is one of those spine tingling moments that I wouldn’t have actually believed if Nicholas’ nurse Dan-Dan and his oldest sister Daisha hadn’t been standing right there watching it happen with me!  We we’re yattering on and on about home refinancing for like 20 minutes and suddenly we realized on the floor in pristine order was HOME from Nicholas’ magnetic alphabet letters.  Daisha thought Dan-Dan had spelled it.  And then we realized Nicholas had spelled it.  We just couldn’t believe it.  Then we all stood around him stunned as he spelled SHELF and then OVER.  We were all clapping and cheering and asked him to spell dog.  He calmly picked out the letters DOG.  Then he said “jet” and spelled JET and then changed out the J for W and spelled WET.  We literally all screamed in unison — If I could figure out how to download my video cam stuff we’d show you all the whole thing! — Nicholas never ceases to amaze me!  Thank you, thank you…little man for being so amazing!