Soothie Pacifier Addiction in Your Preemie?

Becky was addicted to the Soothie pacifiers in the NICU.  Seriously, she was hooked completely to the point that when we got her home I had to purchase them in bulk from a company that originally made them – Children’s Medical Ventures that is now owned by Phillips.  And when the teeth came in I had to move to purchase … Read More

Pumping Milk for My Preemie

Would you believe I had no one visit my room within the first 12 hours after birth regarding breastfeeding?  Granted I had a premature baby in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, but still. Here I was in my postpartum room with my husband Gregg resting after the first NICU visit of the morning.  In front of my bed, quietly sad … Read More

What Diapers Did You Use in the NICU?

With Becky, and remember this was 15 years ago, they handed out the diaper bags with baby formula samples, diaper samples, and wipe samples.  I gather our NICU did not have an allegiance to one brand for diapers. So one day I saw Becky wearing Pampers preemie diapers and another day she was wearing Huggies preemie diapers.     In … Read More