What Diapers Did You Use in the NICU?

With Becky, and remember this was 15 years ago, they handed out the diaper bags with baby formula samples, diaper samples, and wipe samples.  I gather our NICU did not have an allegiance to one brand for diapers. So one day I saw Becky wearing Pampers preemie diapers and another day she was wearing Huggies preemie diapers.  


In the end, I really ended up choosing Huggies over Pampers because of the velcro attachment to seal the diaper closed.  It was well-constructed and I figured that my uncoordinated fingers could use all the re-dos possible on the diaper closure.  


Now there are a bunch of brands out there for baby diapers and even preemie-sized diapers.  Huggies and Pampers are providing micro-preemie sized diapers which is so needed.


What diapers did you use?  What did you end up picking in the end?  Was it the diaper quality or the cost that won out for you?



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  1. Pampers is what the hospital first put on my daughter but I switched to huggies , she to her become raw with diaper rash the day after she was born.

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