PreemieWorld Blog by: Danielle Matthews

Mom, it hurts! Blog by: Danielle Matthews Pain is subjective, yet measurable. Pain is evident, yet also invisible. Pain screams, yet is silent. How can we judge the pain of another? How can we say someone else does not feel pain? I knew, intrinsically, that my 27-wk 2-day old daughter felt pain when the giant teddy bear of a nurse … Read More

A Grandmother’s Preemie Experience

Meet Jean Margaret Katongole, a preemie grandma to twins, Imani and Penzi and grandson, Sean.  Jean is a PreemieWorld Virtual Assistant from Uganda. Jean really loves the work she does to make a positive difference and is inspired by her colleagues. Jean shares her experience of being a grandma and supporting her daughter’s preemie journeys.   THE TWINS: My lovely … Read More