International Conference on Maternal-Child Nursing and Patient Care ICMCNPC on April 22-23, 2023 in New York, United States

Maternal-child nursing
The nurse’s role in maternity, women’s health, and pediatric nursing
Childbearing and child-rearing family
Communicating with children and families
Health promotion for the developing child
Health promotion for the infant
Health promotion during early childhood
Health promotion for the school-age child
Health promotion for the adolescent
Heredity and environmental influences on development

Maternity nursing care
Reproductive anatomy and physiology
Conception and prenatal development
Adaptations to pregnancy
Nutrition for childbearing
Prenatal diagnostic tests
Giving birth
Intrapartum fetal surveillance
Pain management for childbirth
Nursing care during obstetric procedures
Postpartum adaptations
The normal newborn
Newborn feeding
The childbearing family with special needs
Pregnancy-related complications
Concurrent disorders during pregnancy
Intrapartum complication and postpartum complication
The high-risk newborn
Women’s health care

Pediatric nursing care
Physical assessment of children
Emergency care of the child
Principles and procedures for nursing care of children
Medication administration and safety for infants and children
Pain management for children

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