International Conference on Cancer Nursing and Preventive Medicine ICCNPM on April 22-23, 2023 in Boston, United States

Oncology nursing practice
Clinical implications and oncology nursing practice
Primary care and oncology nursing
Oncology nursing and cancer care
Psychological and psychosocial aspects and cancer care
Effects of cancer in chemotherapy and oncology nursing
General issues in oncology nursing
Clinical oncology nursing
Breast cancer nursing
Pediatric oncology nursing
Surgical oncology nursing
Gynecologic oncology and endocrine oncology
Cancer pain management
Supportive care services and lifestyle connection
Cancer therapeutics and metabolomics
Companion diagnostics in oncology
Cancer immunotherapy and stem cell therapy
Cancer therapy and treatment
Anti-cancer vaccines/drugs
Cancer prognosis
Cancer-basic and applied research
Nurse practitioner education
Nursing practice
Online nursing
Radiation oncology nursing

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