A Surprising Gift from Having a Preemie in the NICU

The NICU gives you an education not only in parenting but also in general medical issues as well. I learned this during both of my parents’ hospital stays in recent weeks. It was totally bizarre to hear the word “bradycardia” from a doctor and even more strange to realize that I knew what it meant and was able to explain … Read More

New Products Arriving Soon!

Deb and I are excited to share the great news: We have new products coming in-house here very soon. First off is our “Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU” – a book that we both poured our hearts into to help other parents literally “survive” the preemie and NICU experience. Full of information, wisdom and humor, we give parents … Read More

Author Jeff Stimpson’s Books for Preemie Parents and Preemie Professionals

I have met Jeff Stimpson and heard him give a speech at the NANN conference a few years ago. He has two fantastic books that should be on everyone’s book shelf – they are below with reviews so you can learn more. For any parent of a preemie as well as the professionals that work with preemies: http://resources.metapress.com/pdf-preview.axd?code=6264h7u777117317&size=largest http://resources.metapress.com/pdf-preview.axd?code=v618080864434r16&size=largest