New Products Arriving Soon!

Deb and I are excited to share the great news: We have new products coming in-house here very soon.

First off is our “Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU” – a book that we both poured our hearts into to help other parents literally “survive” the preemie and NICU experience. Full of information, wisdom and humor, we give parents what they really need in the NICU – a guidebook. Our goal is to sell single copies but also to do bulk sales to appropriate organizations.

We’re also excited to announce that our PreemieWorld “Baby Safe Pack” is imminent as well. In our special partnership with Hallcrest, makers of thermal thermometers, we have created a special pack full of items for parents to use with their child to keep them safe from fever, U-V rays, too hot baths and more. This is a great tool for parents as they leave the NICU and take the baby home. Again we’ll be selling packs separately and in bulk to appropriate organizations.

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  1. Nicole,
    I just watched your documentary tonight. As the mother of a 23week preemie who weighed just a little bit more than your son, I want to thank you. What you had to say and how you said was just amazing. The entire time I watched it, I was saying….”wow that’s exactly how I felt, how I thought etc” especially the comment about Death being contagious. Our daughter Brinson’s podmate died while we were there visiting…
    I commend you and again..thank you so much.

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