Preemies & RSV: Working with Insurance on Synagis Coverage

RSV Strikes Fear in the Hearts of Preemie Parents For those of you working through your first RSV season, know that we totally get your fears. Handwashing, quizzing loved ones about illness and lockdown weren’t supposed to be on your to do list this year. Thankfully there is a drug on the market that should be available to you to … Read More

Deb Discenza Interview on for Preemie Parents

Exciting news! I was interviewed by regarding a survey that I was part of on’s Preemie Support forum. We delved into the topic of preemie parents and the insensitive comments of others outside of the preemie parent world. Great stuff! Check out the article here: And if you are a parent of a preemie in the NICU, … Read More

MOST (Mothers of Supertwins), Inc.;Book Clearance Sale

Hi Everyone, So I would like to spread the word about a great non-profit that is giving away books that would be of interest to our audience. Please feel free to reach them directly at the contact information listed below. So here it is from MOST: We are closing out our book inventory in the MOST store and thought you, … Read More