Thank You from Nicholas!

In tears of joy and sheer gratitude Sunday nite while catching up with my emails…so many people responded to Nicholas’s Bday announcement…it made me wonder if you did a “Shane’s Wall” (you know from the L Word – I know a little creepy but think of the same architectural concept – not for salacious entertainment.) I’ve often wondered if you could count up every human being he’s touched and in what way, from medical, to the intern that was on rotation for that week in the NICU, to the radiologists who had to give him KUB (exams of stomach) – all the nurses, the hundreds of families that came and went during our 158 days in the NICU, all the specialists, consultants, surgeons, OR staff, his team of therapists, speech, augmentative, occupational, behavioral, music, playtime, then home schooling teachers… like how many people have laid hands on Nicholas in his young little life? And then add each and every person that’s seen the film… from all its many festival screenings to Showtime’s Mother’s Day premiere of the film, to all the endless airings, and then students who watch it in curriculums around the country…and just now through Wolfe Video all downloadable viewings on Netflix, iTunes and “little man” just got picked up for Hulu. It just blows my mind when I think of how far reaching his ripples in the pond gently lap against an infinite shore line filled with strangers who become family the moment they look into his beautiful eyes, watch him gut laugh, or simply play while singing a Bach’s Adagio and I mean he sings every instrument! He’s the great uniter and has brought so many of you into our lives for which we are truly thankful. Hope you all had a heckuva weekend!!


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3 Comments on “Thank You from Nicholas!”

  1. I just watched ‘Little Man’ and was so touched by your family’s struggle and triumph in the first 2 1/2 years with Nicolas. As I watched your movie in bed, I kept kissing my sleeping daughter over and over. She’s 6 1/2. Yeah, I know. She should be in her own bed. Oh well.

    Immediately after the film ended, I found this site because I *needed* to know how Nicolas was doing. My heart skipped a beat to realize that he is already 10! How glorious!

    Before kids, I was the type to opine about how parents should consider quality life issues more carefully before taking heroic measures with their premature infants. How misguided I was–because of course parents are carefully considering this issue… every painful step of the way.

    Life is so precious. Thank you for showing this to us in stark relief.

  2. Thank you for making the documentary “Little Man”. Throughout the story I thought, God has blessed this family. Your love for Nicholas. Your strength, determination and devotion. Thank you for not giving up on Nicholas and fighting for the life of this beautiful boy. You set an example of loving devoted parents and couple that many people in this world could learn from. Your daughter is an amazing and patient little girl. I hope your family continues to thrive and grow throughout your blessed lives!

  3. rhys middleton – I just want to send you a HUGE thnaks Elizabeth, the photos are unbelievable, and such great memories for us The three of us have had a pretty rough ride for the past 2 1/2 months and people like yourselves and helping hearts have given us so much hope.Kai is doing very well of late and is almost 7 pounds now, nurses expect him to be home as early as this weekend Thanks once again Elizabeth,Rhys Middleton

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