MOST (Mothers of Supertwins), Inc.;Book Clearance Sale

Hi Everyone,

So I would like to spread the word about a great non-profit that is giving away books that would be of interest to our audience. Please feel free to reach them directly at the contact information listed below.

So here it is from MOST:

We are closing out our book inventory in the MOST store and thought you, or someone in your network might be interested in requesting some copies. We have a number of titles, and here is the flyer with details: Anyone willing to request a minimum of 10 books (any combination of titles that are still available) can do so, and we will send them for the price of shipping only. We are taking requests on a first come, first serve basis. Feel free to spread the word.
Lauretta Shokler
Technology Director
MOST (Mothers of Supertwins), Inc.
(631) 859-1110
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Call now and please spread the word!