April 2021 – PreemieWorld Tag

Isabella Sophia Goncalves and Alexandra Marie Goncalves were born at 25 weeks via gestational carrier, each weighing just 2 lbs and were 13.5 “. They were born January 14th with a due date of April 25th so about 15.5 weeks early, they were! We had a carrier due to an injury to my spine. They spent 122 days in the … Read More

April 2021 – Preemie of the Month

Dominic Martin Hernandez was one of the biggest surprises I never knew I needed. Our story is a little unconventional compared to others’ but when I found out I was 12 weeks pregnant, I had to face a few challenging decisions. Truth be told, I didn’t want kids. I didn’t want to be a mother, nor did I want to … Read More

April 2021 – Preemie Organization

Organization: Alliance for Black NICU Families™ Founders: Ashley Randolph, Deb Discenza Website: https://BlackNICUFamilies.org The Alliance for Black NICU Families™ seeks to raise the voice of black families in the NICU and post-NICU in terms of creating racial and health equity through policy advocacy, professional educational initiatives, family educational initiatives, leadership mentoring of up and coming African American-led organizations and public … Read More