April 2021 – Preemie Organization

Organization: Alliance for Black NICU Families™
Founders: Ashley Randolph, Deb Discenza
Website: https://BlackNICUFamilies.org

The Alliance for Black NICU Families™ seeks to raise the voice of black families in the NICU and post-NICU in terms of creating racial and health equity through policy advocacy, professional educational initiatives, family educational initiatives, leadership mentoring of up and coming African American-led organizations and public outreach for assistance.

Ashley Randolph and Deb Discenza both saw a strong need to change the conversation when it comes to how Black NICU Families are treated in the NICU, at home and in school. Systemic racism is prevalent in every setting for these families and sets the stage for a vulnerable infant to grow into a child witnessing healthcare, therapeutic and educational environments that are inadequate in terms of racial and healthy equity.


  • Policy for Professional Licensing Requirements: State by State push for annual racial and health equity training for preemie/NICU/pediatric professionals.
  • Financial Assistance Grants for Families: Providing financial assistance to lift up that family and equalize access to healthcare, services and products/programs.
  • Everything from wearable breast pumps to safe sleep products to therapies, mental health counseling and more.

Join Us as a Partner:

  • We would welcome the opportunity to work with you during this era of historic change not only in the United States but globally, too. We are the only alliance in existence in our community devoted to creating a better world for African American NICU families.
  • Black NICU Moms and Dads, we need YOUR voice!
    Please take this confidential, quick survey. https://preemie.us/BlackNICUFamilies


2 Comments on “April 2021 – Preemie Organization”

  1. My name is La Tanya Mathews and I am a social worker in the NICU in Southern California. I was referred to the program and am interested in being involved and providing a service to my patients. Anything you can provide or I can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Ms. Mathews,
    Please forgive our late response. Indeed, I will reach out to you directly in a moment. – Deb Discenza, PreemieWorld.com

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