New Products Arriving Soon!

Deb and I are excited to share the great news: We have new products coming in-house here very soon. First off is our “Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU” – a book that we both poured our hearts into to help other parents literally “survive” the preemie and NICU experience. Full of information, wisdom and humor, we give parents … Read More

Sensory, Sensory, Sensory – Oh my!

So last week’s visit with the Occupational Therapist went well. Overall Becky continues to progress and that is fabulous. However, she does have a number of sensory issues at work and we are not done yet with the full work-up as there is another session tomorrow. In a nutshell, Becky being born a preemie has resulted in some ongoing sensory … Read More

Visiting the Occupational Therapist Tomorrow

I am definitely nervous about visiting the Occupational Therapist or OT tomorrow. About a week ago I went through a sensory profile questionnaire she sent me to fill out on Becky’s behalf. It was hard going through it as well as filling out all sorts of information about my pregnancy with Becky and discussing her preemie birth and NICU stay. … Read More