Sensory, Sensory, Sensory – Oh my!

So last week’s visit with the Occupational Therapist went well. Overall Becky continues to progress and that is fabulous. However, she does have a number of sensory issues at work and we are not done yet with the full work-up as there is another session tomorrow. In a nutshell, Becky being born a preemie has resulted in some ongoing sensory integration issues. Her balance, body awareness, and movement is extremely off. That explains why Becky had no interest in riding a big girl bike but preferred the low-to-the- ground tricycle instead, if that. It also explains the issues Becky has had with falls at school at pick-up time for the carpool.

And then the OT was super blunt – Becky’s diet is really limited and a great concern. I agreed and she noted that we needed to get Becky to a Developmental Nutritionist immediately. While Becky has oral sensory issues it appears that we will also need the nutritionist to help stimulate her interest in a variety of foods. In more ways than one, I was relieved. Becky’s limited diet, though I am super thankful she has not been on a g-tube because of this, is a real challenge at home and when we are out. Many people tried to tell me it was because she was 6 years old and to stop worrying. Others have tried to “fix” her. All of these comments and interferences have annoyed me to no end. It is my hope that through a nutritionist we can get Becky the real help she needs and within time to start to move past this matter altogether.