I was the preemie, well micro-preemie, born approx 24 weeks gestation at 1lb 6oz. A fighter, I don’t know all of my story but I extubated myself at shift change while medicated in the incubator, received blood transfusions, and fought like no tomorrow. I was discharged on my due date March 1993. I was lucky to hit all of my … Read More

Levani Marika Dale

Bri Ziganti

QLD Mum Cee-Anna had ruptured membranes at just 23 weeks gestation. On 20 hour strict bed rest to keep her little miracle inside the womb for as long as she can. Cee-Anna was told to stay at the Ronald McDonald house Brisbane incase of entering early labour that could happen anytime. After minimal growth and loss of heart beat. 11th … Read More

Kyro Garcia

Bri Ziganti

Kyro, born at 26 weeks .. we were in the nicu for 4 months, my water broke early and he came early, being in the nicu is overwhelming.. it definitely takes a toll, I remember having Kyro and then walking empty handed .. it almost feels like you get robbed .. bonding has its own timing too, not like normal … Read More