Brady Wood

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Our son Brady was born in 2018 at just 25 weeks old weighing 1 lbs 4 oz. As we started our journey we didn’t know what to expect or if we would get the chance to see him grow. Like many families my wife suffered from pre-eclampsia and had to deliver much earlier than expected. I remember looking at my son for the first time and seeing how small he was as the doctors hand-pumped his lungs. He had no voice or way of really looking at me like you imagine. Over the next 135 days, we struggled with getting our son home as he fought for his life. He was on oscillators, ventilators and at one point clung to life on 100 percent oxygen. I can remember standing over his isolette and asking for God to take me instead. Never in my life, had I prayed so hard and wished for something so much. And like a miracle, Brady took a turn for the better. Over the next few months he worked to overcome his chronic lung disease and was able to come home on oxygen. Each day I am reminded of the blessing he is and what a miracle he truly is. At almost 3 year actual, he has strived to become a child who has is thriving and happier than anything. Our experiences also inspired me to share our story and help others. I am proud to say that within the next couple months Brady’s story and that of millions of others will become a Children’s book just for families like us. He is also going to be an ambassador for our children’s hospital to help advocate for developments in neonatal care.

I couldn’t be more proud of him and the amazing staff who helped keep our miracle alive.

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