Meet Me There: Once Upon A Preemie Conference

Meet Me There: Once Upon A Preemie Conference Already registered and the tickets moving already!   My good friend and colleague, Jenné Johns of the Once Upon a Preemie, Inc is launching her non-profit’s first in-person conference.  Trust me this is the place to be in maternal child health conferences for learning and for networking.  Hurry, the Early Bird Rate ends Aug … Read More

No Longer a “Puzzle”: Autism Diagnosis for My Former Preemie

So my former 30-weeker was recently tested by the school in order to get a sense of her Individualized Education Plan (IEP) eligibility and yesterday I met with the School Psychologist to go over the results. The school definitely sees her on the spectrum of autism, basically Asperger’s Spectrum Disorder. It was a shock and I had a hard time … Read More

A Surprising Gift from Having a Preemie in the NICU

The NICU gives you an education not only in parenting but also in general medical issues as well. I learned this during both of my parents’ hospital stays in recent weeks. It was totally bizarre to hear the word “bradycardia” from a doctor and even more strange to realize that I knew what it meant and was able to explain … Read More