Here a Strip, There a Strip

Nicholas is so very used to wearing his little Fever Scan strip as you can see from the pic below:  But now the whole family has taken to using them as a very easy and painless way to take temperatures.  Our other son David had a Fever Scan made by Hallcrest on for 2 and a half days because he had a nasty fever.  Then Alexandra, our second oldest at 15, wore one when she got sick.  They really do save parents a lot of trouble trying to get kids to take their temperature…makes life easier for everyone!  Preemieworld’s Safety Thermal-Pak will be ready within a few short weeks so you can all have that peace of mind as well — especially important in this terrible swine flu season.

Nicholas with omni-present Temp Strip

Nicholas with omni-present Temp Strip

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  1. I heard about your movie a few years ago but just recently have had the chance to watch it. I cried so hard I could hardly breath and when my 2 yr old walked in the room i embraced him so strongly I thought he might break. My son was born @ 25 weeks gestation so everything i watched flooded back to me instantly, like I was back. We lost our first son, Jeremy in the NICU in 2005 and then had Noah @ 25 wks in 2007. Your story has inspired me and made me feel like I was not alone, that someone wanted to fight just as much as I did. I am so glad to hear Nicholas is living life now and going to school. He seems like a real joy. I wish you and your family the best life can bring and want to thank you for the showing us yours and Nicholas’s strengh to go on. I wish more people could. Thank you again, Erica

  2. I just watched your documentary this morning after a friend told me about it. Even though our NICU experience started less than a year ago and we’ve been home for 7 months, after watching the film it felt as though we there again. All the memories came rushing back as the experience shown was so similar to our own. My daughter was a 26 weeker and while her journey hasn’t thus far been nearly as difficut as Nicholas’s, it was still gut wrenching at times. She is my first child. She was born just 8 days before Christmas of 2008. My husband and I were going to hold her for the first time on Christmas day; however, she had a pulmonary edema and we almost lost her. She was on oxygen for quite some time and every day was day by day. Your documentary reminded me of every single moment in the NICU. Like you, I didn’t miss a moment. I lost my job due to it, but I didn’t care. All that mattered was getting my baby well. I cried so hard while watching your documentary. I cried because it reminded me how sick my baby girl was and how much fight and spirit she had from day one. They say that it’s the mother’s who dedicate their every being into their baby that helps safe their baby. I think it was my daughter’s hope, my daughter’s fight, my daughter’s spirit that saved me during such a difficult time in my life. Thank You so much for caring so much about Nicholas. Too many of these babies don’t have parents that are willing to do so much to make them well. Thank you also for sharing your experience with the world because there are so many parents out there that went through the journey as well but still feel alone. Thank you.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story. What an inspirational documentary! I gave birth to a 23 weeker two months ago today. She weighed 1lb 5oz and was 11in long. Today she is 2lbs 13oz and doing amazing and expected to come home in 6 weeks. Your film has taken me back to that terrifying day that I was told I was about to deliver a baby with an unknown future. I remember a friend that was surprised that I had named her after she was already a week old. Why wouldn’t I have named her already? Was I the only one that thought she had a chance? I named her Chloe before I had even had the chance to see her!!! She is doing amazing and though her journey has been a breeze compared to Nicholas, your film
    reminds me that these babies are much stronger than we give them credit for. Thank you so much for this gift to preemie parents. You can follow chloe’s journey at search chloebell (one word) we have been so fortunate and our journey has just begun but we have come so far already!

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