May 2020 – preemiePRO Organization

ORG: International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day FOUNDER: Yamile Jackson, PhD, PE, PMP FOUNDED: May 15th, 2011 OUTREACH: Global WEBSITE: www.Kangaroo.Care “Nothing heals the soul, body and mind of a parent and newborn more than being connected by touch during kangaroo care.” ―Yamile Jackson, Founder Mission: Increase awareness, knowledge, and safety to enhance implementation and practice of kangaroo care and skin-to-skin … Read More

May 2020 – What’s New

The Zaky CARES – ANNUAL GIVEAWAY: This year, The Zaky ZAK and The Zaky HUG will be donated to frontline heroes from COVID-19, hospitals that celebrate Kangaroo Care Day, and families of hospitalized babies. The Zaky Cares, that’s why, one of our traditions is that for Zachary’s birthday (since 2011), we donate our products to NICU and PICUs that celebrate … Read More

May 2020 – Preemie Genius

“My Little Farm” By Smart Felt Toys 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 The perfect sensory tool for helping preemies build early language skills! By Smart Felt Toys As the parent of a preemie that was 30 weeks and struggled with both sensory skills and language skills, one look at the Smart Felt Toys “My Little Farm” an interactive felt playset and I am … Read More