January 2021 – Industry News

Singing to preterm infants during kangaroo care reduces maternal anxiety and supports mother-infant relationship – http://preemie.us/Sing2Preemies Houston, Harris County receive ‘F’ for premature births, infant mortality- http://preemie.us/HarrisCountyReport Premature baby who fought off Covid now ‘thriving’ – http://preemie.us/PreemieFightsCovid Researchers developing drugs to help prevent preterm birth – https://preemie.us/DrugDevelopment

January 2021 – After the NICU

As Covid numbers continue to rise, many parents are concerned about safety and what doctor’s appointments will look like. Here are some tips for visiting the doctor during the Coronavirus pandemic: Ask your pediatrician’s office about safety precautions. Doctors’ offices and hospitals are taking precautions to keep patients and patient families healthy. If you are unaware of the steps your … Read More

January 2021 – Preemie of the Month

Preemie Remy Larios On April 27th, I was 22 weeks pregnant when my water broke. I  understood that there was a chance for my baby to survive but his chances of being a healthy baby were very small. There was a 10% chance for survival but with many complications. We didn’t know when my labor would begin…it could have been … Read More