January 2021 – Preemie of the Month

Preemie Remy Larios

“I prayed for you, God sent me a special blessing.” – Remy’s Mommy

On April 27th, I was 22 weeks pregnant when my water broke. I  understood that there was a chance for my baby to survive but his chances of being a healthy baby were very small. There was a 10% chance for survival but with many complications. We didn’t know when my labor would begin…it could have been in the next 24-48 hours, in a week, or even a month.

If my son was born any time around 22 weeks, there was the possibility that he would have to be rushed into surgery due to breathing complications, bleeding in the brain, heart failure, and we were even given the option to terminate my pregnancy. Many doctors gave us the worst and scariest scenarios, but my husband and I knew God would guide us every step of the way, so we decided  to continue with my pregnancy. I didn’t know that continuing my pregnancy was even possible.

I was hospitalized for 2 months on bed rest. On June 21st at 30weeks and 5 days, Remy was born at 3:15pm weighing 3lb. He was intubated for the first 4 days. On the 5th day he was on oxygen. Thank God my baby was healthy and strong .  After being in the NICU for a month, Remy came home.

On December 21st Remy will be 6 months old. He’s able to play and follow his toys . He recognizes my voice and dad’s voice . He loves Clifford the Big Red Dog. He smiles first thing in the morning and blushes every time someone speaks to him. He giggles and screams. He is now learning how to turn onto his tummy.

Preemie babies are a blessing! I thank God for my preemie. He is perfect for us.


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  1. Baby remy is a blessing from god🙏🏼
    He’s so strong! God bless both of you🤍

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