Thanksgiving with a “Selective Eater”

So as we zoom towards Thanksgiving and the holidays in general, I am looking forward to time with family and friends as we gather around our table for delicious goodies. I want to make sure everyone has something that they like, especially Becky. As our picky eater (I prefer selective eater personally) I will be lucky if she eats the rolls. What a challenge! In all of her former preemie-ness, Becky remains steadfast in her interest in only certain foods. As I am told this follows closely with the Preemie Diet as it were: chicken nuggets, bread, pasta, macaroni and cheese and all foods that are basically yellow. We were super excited a couple of years ago when Becky ate corn on the cob. Apparently this is a starch but we prefer to label it a vegetable to give us hope! If there are other preemie Moms out there that have dealt with this, please give me hope! I certainly welcome it!

Happy Thanksgiving all! I am truly thankful for my life, my family and for my work in the preemie community – including connecting with the wonderful Nicole Conn, my business partner.