Thank God Production is Over . . .

Never have I missed my “little man” more nor the rest of all our kids than being away from them for nearly 20 days of shooting for my latest feature, “Elena Undone.” While I’ve been set-bound (and having a glorious time, I might add) — Deb, my dear biz partner, has been keeping running smoothly and preparing for the launch of our new book as well as our Baby Safe Pack which I’m very excited about. Since Nicholas uses Hallcrest’s Thermostrips I’m really thrilled about getting a special PreemieWorld version of these into the hands of other parents who simply want to keep their children safe from spiking temps and more.

Probably one of the greatest comments I got during shooting, is that for the most part I look like a haggard graying mess – (2-3 hours of sleep a night will do that to a girl!) — And I came out of Nicholas’s room one afternoon (we shot at our home the first 8 days — never again!) and my producer, Jane Clark, commented, “My God, what just happened to you? You’re radiant — there’s a softness in your face and it’s the first time I’ve seen you look stress free this entire shoot.” I remarked, “I just saw Nicholas.”

If there ever was a tonic, it is truly my “little man” — He simply fills me up, rejuvenates me and makes me always, ALWAYS realize what’s important.

Now off to editing!! Hope everyone’s keeping warm this crazy winter season.

xo CoCo

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  1. To Nicole Conn and her family,
    As an associate professor of physical therapy, I show the movie “little man” to my graduate DPT students each year. And each year the film evokes the emotion and caring I hope to elicit in these future professionals. Your film not only shares the technical aspects of the NICU and the heroic efforts needed to sustain life, but, more importantly, shows a family achieving a meaningful quality of life through love, support, and determination. I am so grateful that you were willing to share the stresses, the challenges, the triumphs, the hurdles, the moments of grief, the kisses, the smiles, the torment, the reality, the love…(the list goes on.) My students and I care about Nicholas because you shared his life and yours with us. Give our best to your family and friends. We sincerely appreciate the updates.

  2. i so enjoyed watching “little man” and never really knew what went on in a preemies early days. nicole i think its incredible the amazing love and selfless sacrifice you have given to nicholas. i am a 47 yr old mom of two and was a preemie in the sixties all i know is that i was over two mos premature and weighed 3 pounds. never knew anything about what my parents went through. your film made me start asking questions and truly appreciate what my parents must have gone through. thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your story. -angie

  3. Dear Nicole, I saw your movie Little Man this week after I stumbled on it on Showtime. I have watched it a few times and can’t shut up about it to just about everyone I talk to. I am a proud mom of two and was sitting in the chair nursing my healthy, term 6 month old baby and was filled with indescribable gratitude (and tears). Thank you so much for sharing your journey.

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