I was the preemie, well micro-preemie, born approx 24 weeks gestation at 1lb 6oz. A fighter, I don’t know all of my story but I extubated myself at shift change while medicated in the incubator, received blood transfusions, and fought like no tomorrow. I was discharged on my due date March 1993. I was lucky to hit all of my developmental milestones on time, and don’t have much in the way of lasting direct effects of my premature birth. Given that it was in the 90s, chances were not the same as today’s. I have other unrelated genetic health concerns that may have caused the preeclampsia that necessitated my emergency c section and grand entrance into this world that December night, but nothing directly caused by my prematurity.
I consider myself beyond blessed, and try to spread awareness and hope for preemies and families. I’m a fighter, I feel this has made me strong, and I’ll never give up this life I fought so hard to keep.