Joshua Drake McCormick


My Joshie was born at 26 weeks gestation. Joshua spent 129 in the NICU at CHOC Children’s Hospital in Orange County, Ca. Joshua’s little brain hemorrhaged his second day of life which turned into a bilateral grade III/IV brain bleed. He also came home on a feeding tube, required eye surgery and had countless other setbacks.

Today, Joshua is a happy and rambunctious 4-year old. He attends special education pre-school where he continues to receive many different forms of therapy. His teachers and therapists describe him as happy, kind and always ready to learn. He has made significant progress academically as well as with speech and with sensory issues.

Joshua has come a long way from the frail 2 pound baby born much too soon. We are all so incredibly proud of our little warrior and look forward to watching Joshua continue to conquer his world on his time and in his own special way. Mommy, big brother and your Angel daddy love you more than you’ll ever know, Joshua Drake McCormick!

From: Jenny McCormick (Proud Preemie Parent)