Brynn Trinity


My little one was born at 30 weeks exactly. She weighed 3lbs 12oz. The doctors still have no idea why I delivered her early especially since all 3 of my other children went well over their due date. As of today, Brynn is 15lbs 12ozs and 7 months old. During her 1st month of life, she was in the NICU then was transferred to a children’s hospital to work on her bradycardic events and apnea. She was in the children’s hospital for a month as well. I was an absolute mess as well as my spouse during this time because I had never left my baby at the hospital. I made it a point to breastfeed my little one every chance that I got. I even pumped at home, work, and in the hospital to feed her the special milk that my body designed just for her. Thank God that she came home a few days after her 2 month birthday. Initially she was put on supplemental formula in addition to my breastmilk to ensure that she gained weight. After 4 months, she was taken off of the supplemental formula by our pediatrician and since then she has gained weight perfectly. Most recently, she was assessed to make sure that she was growing and meeting milestones and she knocked that out the park as well. To all preemie moms out there know that you are not alone and that with a lot of prayer your little one will grow to be a fighter as well. Check out my Youtube channel about all things #momlife.