Brianna Grace

Bri Ziganti

This time 8 years ago I was admitted into Labor and Delivery at the end of my 27th weeks, little did we know our sunshine would be delivered 4 days later due to severe preeclampsia and IUGR. Brianna weighed 455 grams (under 1lb) was 12 inches long at birth. She had one heck of a fight on her hands, diagnosed with NEC on day 16 of her 115 day stay in the NICU she was on the ventilator for 65 days, underwent multiple spinal taps which thankfully came back normal. She showed us strength and will to live that we never thought existed. She has some developmental delays that we are working on, and residual issues from the NEC surgery, as well as slight issues with her vision. But the little girl that the doctors gave under 50% chance of surviving at birth is thriving. So as we prepare for her 8th birthday in four days, and her first holy communion in 3 months, we could not be prouder..