PREEMIE UPDATE: Avery, Lily & Zoe Sorrells

In our December edition of our Preemie Family newsletter we learned about 25 week, 5 day triplet preemie girls Avery Ruth Sorrells (1 lb 4 oz, 120 days in the NICU), Lily Anne Sorrells (1 lb. 6 oz., 120 days in the NICU) and Zoe Rose Sorrells (1 lb. 10 oz, 291 days in the NICU).  Read more in an update by their mother, Keira, below.  by Keira Sorrells, Mother to Avery, Lily, and Zoe Sorrells … Read More

Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation Holiday Toyraiser

We received this notification about the upcoming Toyraiser. Please pass this on! Thanks! Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation Holiday Toyraiser by Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 1:05am Between now and December 1st, Kellie Toothman is sponsoring a Discovery Toys fundraiser, in which she will donate 50% of her proceeds to the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation. We … Read More