NEONATAL NURSES: Sign the Preemie Petition TODAY!

Calling all Neonatal Nurses: here is your chance to advise the CDC on changing the current recommendations for preemies for the RSV Prophylaxis. SIGN & PASS IT ON:

Preemie Advocacy & Preemie Footprints Needed!

Hi Everyone, Preemie Petition Well, our Preemie Petition for RSV Prophylaxis is off to a fabulous start. We need more electronic signatures though. If you haven’t already signed the petition, DO IT NOW and PASS IT ON (Facebook is a perfect way to do it as is Twitter and even email!): Preemie Feet Needed! I have been contacted by … Read More

IMPORTANT: RSV Prophylaxis

Hi Everyone, It is important for both parents and professionals to be aware of what types of regulations are being put in place in terms of health care. I know that when my own daughter was in the NICU that she automatically received the RSV Prophylaxis. Every preemie did, in fact, as far as I know, regardless of gestational age. … Read More