The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU on SALE NOW!

Nicole and I are super excited to announce that our new parenting book for parents of preemies with babies in the NICU The Preemie Parent’s Survival Guide to the NICU is out and officially on sale. Please feel free to check it out as well as our other products in our online store. Also out on the market are our … Read More

Preemies & Paperwork: Like We Have Nothing Better to Do!

I understand that my daughter was born 10 weeks early. I know that my preemie required an extended stay in the NICU and require medical equipment, medications, and specialists to help her thrive. I put time in with Early Intervention and ChildFind therapists to help my child thrive developmentally. We are still working with therapists to ensure Becky continues to … Read More