Holding Tiny Hands NEEDS YOUR HELP!

Holding Tiny Hands (www.holdingtinyhands.com) is in need of preemie footprints & hand prints for preemie advocacy efforts. They are looking for footprints of each gestational size. Contact me directly for the e-mail address to send this information to if you are able to help – thanks!

Preemie Advocacy & Preemie Footprints Needed!

Hi Everyone, Preemie Petition Well, our Preemie Petition for RSV Prophylaxis is off to a fabulous start. We need more electronic signatures though. If you haven’t already signed the petition, DO IT NOW and PASS IT ON (Facebook is a perfect way to do it as is Twitter and even email!): www.PetitionSpot.com/petitions/preemies Preemie Feet Needed! I have been contacted by … Read More