Sensory Processing Disorder . . . Again

Well it appears that our former preemie Becky made a magical turnaround in the PE classes’ timed tests. Apparently all they had to do was “tell” her what they wanted and she did it. Huh!

While that would normally alleviate my concerns, I am fully aware that many other issues that we haven’t focused on as of late (due to the strong focus on fine motor) are coming full and center now. Whether it is falling trying to get into the carpool car, not alternating on stairs consistently and having no interest in physical kid stuff like scooter or bike riding, I am very aware that Becky’s balance and coordination may be a bit off right now and that the Sensory Processing Disorder is at the root of that and her selective eating. We have a consult with a private OT in December and will be exploring Lift Me Up, a local horse riding therapy program. As it is, I suspect Becky’s IEP will be dropped unless something else comes up that the school system believes to truly impact her education. While I understand that budget cuts and program rules dictate this it is hard not to feel alone in this process. How I wish for the days of Early Intervention and ChildFind. Sigh.

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