April 2022 – Organization Highlight

Name of Organization: Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC)
Year Established: 1977
Outreach: Regional (Orange County, CA)
Website address: www.rcocdd.com

Organization Focus: Regional Center of Orange County is the private, nonprofit
organization contracted by the State of California to coordinate life-long services and
supports for more than 23,000 Orange County children and adults with developmental
disabilities and their families. Developmental disabilities include intellectual disabilities,
autism, epilepsy and cerebral palsy. RCOC is also the agency that administers
California’s Early Start program in Orange County; Early Start is California’s early
intervention program for infants and toddlers that have or are at-risk of having a
developmental delay.

Background or creation of organization: Established more than 40 years ago by
California’s landmark Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act, the regional
center system links those with developmental disabilities with services and supports
they need to live safely and with dignity in the community. Today, there are 21 regional
centers statewide, each serving a different geographic area of California and overseen
by the state’s Department of Developmental Services. Regional centers also help
support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families by identifying local
resources and other community-based services to best fit the individual’s needs.

Other Submission Details: The regional center system serves the entire State of
California. Preemie parents in California whose children meet the State’s eligibility
requirements but are outside of RCOC’s service area can access Early Start services
through their local regional center. To locate your area’s regional center, visit the
California Department of Developmental Services website: www.dds.ca.gov.

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