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Solikha Maya

My 27 weeker, Solikha Maya was born weighing 1lb 15oz, she spent 98 days in the NICU. Solikha had stage 3 ROP, Jaundice & a PDA. Life after the NICU was a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions. Our assessments with the early childhood developmental center were incredibly disheartening to say the least. They labeled her 1 percentile in intelligence, her memory was horrible, her pen hand holding control was poor as well as her scissor skills. We then continued with therapy.

Every milestone seems so much greater when you become a first time mom or dad. However, speaking as a first time Micro Preemie Mama, these milestones seem like gigantic leaps and I am in awe.

From a tiny lifeless being to a little warrior princess who just turned 7, she is kind hearted, she is a sassy, li’l high spirited girl! From 1 lb 15, oz to 31 lbs, it’s hard to fathom when you’re in that moment, when life seems bleak and hopeless. Yet, here I am, looking at her now; it’s such an amazing feeling seeing my smart, healthy, girl walking, talking, and being social. Grade One. Wow! I can’t believe it. This is one proud mama!! I love you to pieces. Forever and always, my baby girl you will be.

November I’m always flooded with memories of our NICU journey. 7 years later & I feel like I can finally breathe.

Solikha is behind, and Covid hasn’t helped, but I feel she is thriving despite some challenges even though they want to diagnose her with ADHD. Now that she has officially started grade school, they can monitor her a little bit better, but Solikha has made tremendous strides, she talks in full sentences & she continues to impress me everyday. She’s so full of life, love, curiosity, a vivid imagination and tons of energy.