June 2020 – PW Tag

Abigail was born November 13, 2015 at 29-weeks gestation along with other medical complications. Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital was her home for 285 days, plus she spent another year and a half at Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. She finally came home at 2 years and 4 months old.

Abigail is thriving and reaching milestones slowly but surely. Despite her trach and not making a sound for about a year, she has learned to talk so much more! I sometimes have to leave church service because she’s so loud!

She also loves to sing along with Disney Princesses. She is bouncing all over the walls and jumping on sofas and our beds. She’s also a lot more curious, always asking “What is that?”

Abigail is learning how to be social with other kids. She loves seeing and laughing at other kids just being kids. She didn’t have that for such a long time. Abigail learns a lot from other “normal” kids and enjoys copying them. I can’t wait to see her learn more and more.

Abigail still has a long road to go and I pray everyday I become the mother she needs. Right now all I can do is just be here for her and love her.