April 2020 – PW Tag

Milani is 9-months old. She came into this world as a WARRIOR at 26 weeks and 1 day, weighing 1.9 lbs. Her eyes were still fused together and yet seeing the path of a journey of the miracle she was showing us all.

This blessing has gained almost 15 lbs in 8 months. Milani rolls over, belly laughs and brings pure happiness to everyone in the room. She loves her life and is such a happy baby. She sits up on her own, she is right on track as a 5 month old baby would be (age she would have been at birth) she plays with toys, loves to eat, plays in the bath kicking and splashing and has amazing eye and hand coordination. She is a witnessed miracle that happened before all of our eyes. I am Milani’s grandma and what a blessing to say she was born on my birthday as I was born on my Grandmother’s birthday. June 14th. My forever gift!